Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Android 4.4 Release date

You probably know the new Android version is going to be 4.4 (not 5.0) and called KitKat. According to various rumors, the KitKat should've been out a long time ago, but no release yet! So when excatly is the Android 4.4 going to roll out?

Google, as always, left us some clues of release date of Android KitKat. Let's have a look on them:


As you see on the picture, it says: Everybody dance now! But what excatly does it mean?

Everybody dance now is a song from C&C Music Factory excatly 4:04 minutes long! And you won't believe, this song  has been released excatly 18th.October! Pretty suspicious, isn't it?

Next clue, released a few days ago, shows a This Is It text with words: "Sometimes you have to look for the signs..."

If we look closer to the text, This Is It is a documentary film about popular singer Michael Jackson released excatly 28th October.


18th or 28th..? 

Both of these clues seem to be right but the KitKat most likely is going to be revealed at 28th. Why?
This date, 28th is Monday. And Google usually reveals new products and softwares at mondays or wendesdays. Moreover, this date would also be the same with others Google's reveals.

To the very end, I would like to show you this picture. This is a string from page.
It shows: class="comingsoon-launched" data-date="2013-10-28" data-time="12:30"

Is it possible Google left us another clue in there?
According to all of this, the Android KitKat should be revealed 28th October at 12:30.


Android 4.4 will be definitely released at 1th of November. Believe us! :) 

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