Monday, October 14, 2013

Get new, refined Roboto font from Android 4.3 to your device

Google's new font, called Roboto (developed by Christian Robertson) recieved a new facelift in Android 4.3. But how to get this font without having this version of Android? It's pretty easy indeed. This walkthrough will show you, how to install the Roboto font without running on Android 4.3.

The whole change isn't that obvious on the first sight but you can notice it.

Roboto font contains 18 types of fonts: thin, light, medium, bold, italic, black and more.
Here are examples of them:

Roboto Thin free font
Roboto Light free font
Roboto Medium free font
Roboto Bold free font
Roboto Medium Italic free font


Installation is pretty easy. All you have to do is get the app called Font Installer (or ROM Toolbox) and install the font you want. (Be sure you're rooted!)

Font installer lets you install fonts separately (not all of them) so if you wish to have only one font (Let's say Roboto Thin), you will have only one font installed on your system.

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