Friday, October 11, 2013

Reaver For Android - Hack WPA/WPA2 secured WiFi on Android

If you read the previous post, I wrote about functional aircrack- ng for Android. You can easily crack WEP-secured WiFi using this feature but that's not all. A new tool called Reaver hacks WiFi also and it can even crack WEP secured WiFi within few hours. Check this out.

Although the Reaver is in BETA stage and tested only on very few devices, it should work properly on all devices that support bcmon - monitor mode (Broadcom chipsets).

So..What excatly is it?

I will quote from SOEDI.

What is this awesome app actually usefull for?
Well, RfA is able to unveil the actual WPA(2)-Key of many routers within 2 - 10 hours.

WHAT?! I though WPA(2) is safe?
It used to be, but then many router models got WiFi Protected Setup, short WPS, implemeted, which is pretty vulnerable. (Details)
Basically it's a Brute-Force attack with Reaver against a 8 digit pin with 10^4 + 10^3 possibilities.

What is Reaver?
Reaver-WPS is a pentesting tool developed by Tactical Network Solutions.
It attacks WPS-enabled routers and after the WPS-Pin is cracked, it retrieves the actual WPA-Key.
Reaver provides only a terminal interface, which is ok for Notebooks etc., however it's a pain on Android devices.
Because of this I developed RfA.

Doesn't Reaver requires Monitor-Mode and so can't work on Android?
Yes, Reaver needs Monitor-Mode, but thanks to bcmon some Android devices are now Monitor-Mode capable.

Pretty crazy, isn't it?
To install and run this app, you have to install bcmon first. Bcmon is an application that generally enables the monitor mode, which is for stuff like this necessary. To get more information, head over the previous post or directly to the official site.


Follow the guide to install the Reaver properly:

  1. Download, install and enable Monitor Mode using Bcmon
  2. Start RfA
  3. Test Monitor Mode
  4. You're now proceed to manage the app.
Steps above are only for installation, no need to repeat them more times.

As you know, the Reaver is actually in BETA-Stage and may not work properly on all devices.
To give a feedback, report HERE (Original XDA Thread) and get more info.


  1. i got the message No Network Found. Scan again