Monday, October 14, 2013

[APK] Switchr - A Brand New Way Of Task Switching

A developer called Mohammad Adib has developed his brand new app caled Switchr. And what does it do? It brings a new way of multitasking in Windows 8 style. The app is going to be revealed in 20th but you can get it right now!

Switchr allows users to access their running apps quickly and conviently by swyping method: fast and simple.
There are two ways to handle the switching - flow and slide. It's generally on your choice.

Switchr Beta - screenshot

Except wide use, the app also offers a pretty design with nice and smooth animations.

Switchr Beta - screenshot

Switchr has to offer a bunch of customization and settings, so you can set the app excatly the way you like.

Switchr Beta - screenshotSwitchr Beta - screenshot

Check the video for a quick look with multitasking demonstration:

I want that!

You know, the app is going to be out officially at 20/10 but you can get it right now by becoming a beta tester! Just follow these steps to gain the access to the app:

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