Sunday, January 25, 2015

Plague - A social network that works like a virus

"Plague works like a virus. When you spread information, it goes to the users who are closest to you physically. The infected users can spread information exponentially further or they can resist the epidemic by keeping the information to themselves." How does this sound? Take a look.

Plague is a really interesting way of providing a place for sharing stuff. The way it works is really neat. You browse through the feed and you can either: swipe down (no action taken, you just view the picture/article/whatever) or you can swipe up to send it to another 5 random people nearby. There's no such thing as friends, following or favourites.

If you got an information interesting enough, it can spread the whole world!

Plague - The Network - screenshot thumbnailPlague - The Network - screenshot thumbnailPlague - The Network - screenshot thumbnail

Plague is available on Google Play for free:

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