Monday, May 11, 2015

[PORTED] LG G4 Apps now available for LG G3!

The newly release LG's flagship, the G4, hasn't even shown up to the public and boom, already got a few apps ported for its older brother, G3. The camera, gallery, contacts, launcher, calendar, voice recorder, alarm clock and some more are all available for installing on your G3!

Since the system dumb has been pushed, the LastStandingDroid@XDA decided to port a few apps for the older generation, the G3.
In the result he ported a fine amount of apps, including the well-known and brand new camera, known especially for its manual mode, that is partially working on the G3, and shooting pictures in RAW format.


Here's a screenshot (credit goes to LastStandingDroid) of the new Launcher (which hasn't changed much) and the new Music app.

But the biggest tease would probably be the new camera, as it's driven a lot of attention lately.
This is a quick video showing the G4 camera running on G3. Alrough I got it working on my G3, I've experienced some FCs and there are definitely some problems.

But for those who can't wait, go ahead! Your device has to be rooted. The apps are made for Lollipop versions.

Firstly, download the ZIP. Extract it on your PC (or directly on your Android device), you should get an APK file along with a "lib" folder.

Navigate to /system/priv-app (or something like, don't quite remember the exact name), open the LGCamera folder (again, something like that :p) and backup the files there (you can backup the camera easily by changing the type from .APK to .BAK

Now simply put the new camera APK to the folder and change the permissions to rw-r-r.
Next, the folder part. Do the same thing with the folder, delete all the files except, keep this one. Then move all the files from the new folder and finally change the permissions of the folder, if needed (to rwxr-xr-x).

You should get the similar look to this (just with another Camera icon, since this is the old version).

Done? Reboot! Have fun.

Though this is quite a problematic app, there are some that work seamlessly.
  • LgMusic
  • LGIMe
  • LGFileManager
  • LGHome
  • LGMusicWidget
These should be working just fine and you shouldn't have or find any bugs.

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